It was through the constant support of our amazing lecturers and caring friends that I can survive the hardships, and I am forever thankful for them. Not only did we hone our skills academically, but we also learn about humanity-the core of our lives, what makes us human. It is beyond challenging, sure, but Magister Sastra is always there for us in every step of the way.
Tifanny Tanuwijaya, S.S., M.S.2022
Studying in Magister Sastra has been an unforgettable and rewarding two-year journey as well as a roller-coaster ride for me. It has taught me about time management, analytical thinking, academic writing, communication skill, and human connections. I will never regret my decision to join this Master's Program in Literature at Petra Christian University.
Herwinda Maria Tedjaatmadja, S.S., M.S. 2021
Studying at Magister Sastra has enlightened me with some new knowledge and paradigms. Plus, I met some great discussion partners. One thing that I am grateful for, I managed to spread my wings to become a Full Time Member of Association of Indonesian Translators and to take up new opportunity as a Senior Legal Translator-Interpreter for Foreign Company managed by the Law Firm that I am currently employed.
Nobella indrajaya, S.S., M.S.2016


Herwinda Maria TedjaatmadjaEnglish Trainer for Non-English Teachers – Mentari Academy
Tifanny TanuwijayaFounder – In Your Reverie Bookstore